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Balance and a healthy calm are extremely important in our day-to-day life. We feel good and this is also portrayed on the outside. Our inner beauty shines through the body, inspiring friendliness, making us appear attractive and is infectious. To make sure you and your body are not missing anything, our food supplements provide you with important nutrients and create the required vitamin balance.


PANDIIIA®Vitamin D3, K2, A, 15 ml

These liquid food supplement drops consist of high-dose vitamin D3 plus vitamins K2 and A. The recommended daily dose is just one drop and is easy to take accurately thanks to the pipette provided.

The body produces up to 90% of the vitamin D3 requirement from sunlight.

Just one drop of this food supplement contains the entire daily requirement of this essential vitamin.

High-quality, natural carrier oils:

Argan oil, sea buckthorn pulp oil

“Vitamin D in the blood is a rarity nowadays. This not only means that the bones suffer, but it also plays a part in aggravating numerous illnesses and disorders. Remedying this to limit the damage would be easy.”

Ärzte Zeitung


Just one drop of the food supplement covers the daily requirement of vitamin K2 (5 litres of milk), vitamin A (8 eggs) and vitamin D3 (1 kg of mushrooms).

Daily requirement of vitamin K2, vitamin A and vitamin D3


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Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is known in particular as the “bone vitamin”. It plays a key role in the absorption and utilisation of phosphate and calcium and is therefore essential for mineralisation of the bone tissue. It is also crucial for the immune response and multiple metabolic processes. The body produces the majority of its vitamin D (80 to 90%) itself from sunlight. Humans only obtain small amounts of vitamin D (10 to 20%) from food since it is only present in foodstuffs in limited amounts.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is required for healthy blood clotting, for bone metabolism, and for kidney function. It ensures that calcium is stored in the bones and stops the mineral staying in the blood. It therefore also prevents brittle bones (osteoporosis) and arterial calcification (arteriosclerosis). Vitamin K2 is predominantly found in small quantities in animal products such as milk, eggs and meat but it also occurs in fermented goods such as yoghurt and cheese.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A supports a healthy iron metabolism and contributes to a healthy, functioning immune system. It helps to maintain healthy eyesight, healthy skin and mucous membranes and with cell specialisation.


All three vitamins play a role in the utilisation of calcium. Vitamins D3 and A stimulate the production of certain proteins (including osteocalcin) which carry the essential mineral to teeth and bones and store it there. These proteins would remain inactive without vitamin K. They only take on a chemical form in which they can bind calcium with vitamin K.


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