PANDIIIA<sup>®</sup> light therapy device test subject

“I used each of the programmes for 30 minutes and immediately felt an increase in drive and a reduction in stress. My migraine symptoms and skin blemishes have disappeared and I was able to breathe better.”

Alexandra S., 40 years, programmes 1 & 4

PANDIIIA<sup>®</sup> light therapy device test subject

“After 30 minutes, my well-being improved; I was basically more motivated, my mood was enhanced and my circulation boosted. I also noticed an improvement in my sports performance.”

Matthias J., 35 years, programme 5

PANDIIIA<sup>®</sup> light therapy device test subject

“After two applications of 30 minutes each, my pores have visibly shrunk and my skin has become firmer. My complexion was fresher and I was in a better mood.”

Irene H., 55 years, programme 1

PANDIIIA<sup>®</sup> light therapy device test subject

“After just 30 minutes of use, I felt relieved of my tension. My skin felt softer, my dry skin areas vanished and my acne improved.”

Marlene J., 18 years, programme 1


Studies have also substantiated the positive effects of light on skin. A study by Klinik Piano in Switzerland with 51 test subjects over a period of three months showed the following results:

97 %

of participants noticed an improvement in firmness and elasticity all over the body

89 %

achieved excellent lifting effects in the areas of the face, neck and décolleté


“If you decide to treat acne with light therapy, you will notice a significant improvement in your skin after just two to four weeks.”

WELT, 14/12/2012

“A new type of light therapy without harmful UV radiation […]: the exposure to LED light […].  Unlike ultraviolet light, the light waves from […] LEDs […] are less intense and harmless to the skin, but work just as effectively. The different wave frequencies penetrate with varying depths into the layers of the skin where they exert their positive effect.”

DONNA Magazine, 15/05/2019

About depression

“Studies on winter depression have shown: six to nine patients out of ten treated with light therapy experienced an improvement in their symptoms within two to three weeks.”

Apotheken Umschau, 20/11/2019